About the choir

Odense Motetkor was established in 1932, since when it has constantly been developing and on the move. The choir is known for its beautiful sound and its ability to successfully take on even demanding assignments within the classical repertoire. This means that singing in Odense Motetkor, although a spare-time interest, also calls for a high degree of commitment.

The choir comprises at present about 37 members, with singers both young and old being represented in its four voices. This combination of young voices and considerable experience is one of the choir's greatest assets.

We give about 10 concerts a year, and since travelling has always been a feature of the choir, we try to go on a concert tour every other year.

About the repertoire

Odense Motetkor's repertoire covers a wide range of classical choral music. The choir sings church music from the Renaissance, the baroque and classical periods as well as present-day church music. Secular music from many times and places also features strongly on the repertoire list.

The choir has not least concentrated on contemporary music, and has given first performances of a number of works by living composers. But, no matter what the choir is involved in, its prime aim is to ensure that the music breathes and comes alive.

About the conductor

Christian Dyrst has conducted Odense Motetkor since 2006. He qualified as a state-approved music educator from The Funen Academy of Music and works both as an instructor at The Free Teaching College in Ollerup, Funen and as a musician, composer and lecturer. For more information, visit the website www.dyrstmusik.dk


Odense Motetkor outside Vor Frue Kirke, Odense [download in high resolution]

Odense Motetkor inside Vor Frue kirke, Odense [download in high resolution]

Basilica San Miguel, Madrid, 2017

Hörken Kyrka, Dalarna, 2015

Fara Church, Poznan, 2013

St Andrew's Cathedral, Glasgow, 2011

Plaça del Rei, Barcelona, 2009